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2021 ARYR Sponsorships

Make plans to party with the Young Republicans this summer! The Republican Party of Arkansas will be hosting their 2021 Reagan Rockefeller Dinner (RRD) at the Benton Event Center and the Arkansas Young Republicans (ARYR) are throwing the official RRD afterparty! Music, drinks, dancing, and late-night snacks will be provided. All proceeds from this event will help fund our chapter efforts over the next year and this year we have an extra-special event that needs your support: Arkansas has been tapped to host the Young Republican National Federation’s fall meeting! Young Republican leaders, campaigners, and elected officials are set to attend #YRNFLittleRock this November 12-14 and we need YOUR help to make it happen!

Reagan Rockefeller Dinner Afterparty 
Benton Event Center Outdoor Plaza
Friday, June 4th, 2021

ARYR State Convention
Arkansas State Capitol
Saturday, June 5th, 2021

YRNF 2021 National Convention
Indianapolis, Indiana
July 21st-25th


YRNF 2021 Fall Meeting
Little Rock, Arkansas
November 12th-14th

the donald

Image by Tim Arterbury


Sponsorship Includes: 


  1. 4 entries to afterparty

  2. Logo on all promotions 

 3. Bonus drink ticket per attendee at afterparty

The Dubya

Image by Derek Livingston



Sponsorship Includes:

  1. Everything listed above

  2. Unlimited drink bands for all attendees

  3. Specialized recognition during events

  4. Social media recognition

the gipper

Image by Heidi Kaden


Sponsorship Includes:

  1. Unlimited entries + everything listed above

  2. Customized sponsorship of your choice       i.e.: band, bar, buffet, photo booth, props

  3. Speaking time during afterparty

the great emancipator



Sponsorship Includes:

  1. Everything listed above

  2. Customized engagement time during afterparty AND fall meeting
    (Your choice of speaking time, videos, personal time with members, etc.)

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