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We Already Know What Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Looks Like: Disaster

Hillary Clinton recently gave a speech touting her national security achievements. It’s a hollow move designed to cover up the Clinton campaign’s underperformance at this point in the primary.

And you would struggle to fill a tweet with her accomplishments, much less a speech.

The fact is American national security was unquestionably endangered under Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

As President Obama’s hand-picked foreign policy chief, Clinton was responsible for implementing his weak vision of “leading from behind.” This philosophy of shuffling America off the world stage has emboldened rouge terror groups and strong-arm regimes around the

world, and made America more vulnerable to various threats.

Her failure of leadership means refusing to categorize the terrorist threat as “radical Islam” and refusing to say that the U.S. is at war with ISIS. Clinton claims we need to “empathize” with our enemies, a foolish course of action in the face of murderous attacks like the one in San Bernardino last fall.

Clinton brokered the dangerous nuclear deal with Iran which lines the pockets of a radical regime with U.S. taxpayer dollars, while doing nothing to ensure the security of our allies or stop Iran from progressing toward a nuclear bomb.

Clinton was the primary advocate for the bombing of Libya, a course of action which helped turn that country into a safe haven for terrorists and an ISIS stronghold.

Clinton secretly fought to close the Guantanamo Bay prison and, in defiance of top military brass and Obama’s own Attorney General, was the architect of Obama’s plan to bring hardened terrorists to the United States.

North Korea continued to develop its nuclear program under her watch and remains a top security threat despite her pledges to “end” their program. Clinton refused to add North Korea to the list of sponsors of terrorism, and just this year North Korea announced it had detonated a nuclear bomb.

And we didn’t even mention her secret email server which made sensitive American diplomatic and intelligence communications a ripe target for foreign hackers.

All the speeches in the world are not going to convince the American people to trust Hillary Clinton on national security. Her disastrous track record has already left America less safe and secure. We can’t afford another four years of it.

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