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Big Agenda for AR Lawmakers

At noon today, January 9th, 2017, the 91st General Assembly will convene in Arkansas. The agenda was set late last week and Governor Asa Hutchinson didn't let any stone go unturned. Watch the 91st General Assembly LIVE here.

The lawmakers will meet at the state capitol on this brisk morning to begin the 2017 legislative session focusing on the governor's agenda items including taxes and medical marijuana. Those being a couple of the big ticket items that most Arkansans are interested in hearing about as they are hot ticket items across the country with many states already adopting medical marijuana laws. However, according to a report by the Council on State Taxation, Arkansas ranks in the top 10 states in fairness of tax administration.

Representative Clarke Tucker stated, in an interview with THV11, “We know there's going to be some work in health care, we know there's going to be some work in criminal justice reform, and with the people of Arkansas passing the amendment to implement medical marijuana we know that's going to take up some time as well."

Other hot button items that could come up for discussion in this session include criminal justice reform, transgender "Bathroom Bill", and paid maternity leave for state workers.

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