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Merry Christmas from the ARYRs


Over the last couple weeks President Trump & the Republican Congress passed one of the most significant pieces of legislation of our lifetimes. The GOP Tax Cuts & Jobs act will allow our businesses to be more competitive & our families to bring home more money to buy that bigger house, better education, or simply save for their future. Many people are angry about this still simply because of the hyper-partisanship & divisiveness that plagues our country nowadays.

However- this time of year we are reminded of the things that truly unite us all & leave behind the worldly concerns that create division. We all come together to celebrate the birth of the Savior of all people- regardless of nationality, party, color, or social status. He came to earth & walked with us all so we can one day experience heaven with Him.

This season, don't get angry at those who don't know or don't acknowledge Christ the King- show them the love He has shown us & maybe that will begin to open their hearts. It is important to remember that politics matters, but people matter more.

Merry Christmas,

Jamie Barker

Chairman, Arkansas Young Republicans

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