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ARYR Spring Newsletter

Arkansas Young Republican Official Newsletter February 1, 2019

Can you believe it is already February! There is so much going on across the state and as we gear up for a busy summer and fall we want to keep you as up to date on what's going on as possible! First off, we would like to congratulate all of our Young Republicans that ran for state or local offices and won in the last election! Thank you for helping promote conservatism. Down to business. We need to make sure everyone has renewed their dues. If you haven't you can check out the link here and pay your $20. This is important because as your executive board heads to Omaha for the National Convention in July - we need to make sure we are a viable state chapter. We will also have our state convention coming up in August. We will elect our new board and honor those that have worked hard in the organization this year with YR Man and Woman of the Year. Look for more information coming on that soon! If you are interested in a specific position or running for office on the executive board contact and we can get you some information.

Lastly, you will want to mark your calendars for March 4th for our Annual Day at the Capitol. You can read more about it below but in short it is a day filled with briefings, tours, and panels with YR Legislators.

Thank you for being such a great part of our state! We are truly the future (and present) of the Republican Party.

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